Independence Day DVD good condition this is the full screen version. Downsizing our DVD collection as far as we know all dvds work.
This is for the DVD Master and Commander The Far Side of the World, widescreen version. It was only watched one or two times and then sat. Most of our DVDs need to find new homes as they really do not get watched.
This is for the DVD Eragon it is widescreen only watched a few times we are downsizing as no one really watches DVDs here at our house. All Dvds did work the last time they were watched and I am checking them for scratches ect.
This is for the DVD Inkheart it does have both full screen and widescreen versions on the disc. It was watched a few times and worked the last time we did look for scratches smudges ect. We are downsizing all dvds thanks please ask any questions
This is for the full screen version of The Incredible Hulk DVD. We are downsizing and the last time the DVD was watched it did work. We are downsizing our DVDs so we would love to move them out. Thanks
This is a special two disc special edition set of The Shining. This does have a full length movie in widescreen and the other is a special features disc. The cover from the inside is no longer in the case, little people got ahold of it and it disappeared lol. The features disc has never been watched and the movie just a few times. We are downsizing our collection as they just seem to sit there ...
This is for a copy of the DVD The Witches of Eastwick. An oldie but a great DVD. It just sits in the pile so it needs to go to a new home. One side is full screen and one side is widescreen! We have many DVDs listed here
The plastic on this case shows some wear from over gear kiddos taking the plastic off in their own special fashion, lol. This is for the DVDs Holes. It is Walt Disney movie and has only been watched a few times and now it needs a new home as we are downsizing our collection. This is widescreen
Only watched a few times we are way downsizing DVD collection. This is for a double Feature Jim Carey in The Mask and then the second movie Son of the Mask. It is on one DVD. Many different DVDs posted here. Thanks
This is for a DVD from the Pirates of The Caribbean collection this is At Worlds End. Watched a few times but has sat in the pile forever we are downsizing as far as we know all dvds work. Many posted here and a great low prices as well. DVD in good shape.
Stock up on DVD's while they are only $1.00 each. We have a large selection to choose from.
Bose AV3-2-1II media center with remote and PS3-2-1II speaker system includes receiver/dvd player, sub-woofer, 2 front spteakers and remote. DVD player freezes periodically but stereo works and sounds great as sound system for your T.V.
New super cute DVD Rio, this is the adorable movie with the birds. This still has the plastic wrap on it and it is perfect to add to your collection or for gift giving. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks
This is for a DVD of The Simpsons, it's been watched a few times and the disc is in good shape. It does have seasons Treehouse of Horror V, VI, VII and XII.
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